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Face Tek™ - About Us

About Face Tek™ made by TH Mills (aka Thorneburg Hosiery Mills)

In March, the world seemed like its normal chaotic self. Then the COVID-19 virus seemingly emerged overnight turning into a pandemic. For safety reasons our traditional sporting goods brick and mortar retailers who had been selling our socks for over 64 years closed. With that, their orders naturally came to a halt. With no work and at the advice from the leaders in Washington DC, we closed our knitting plant and furloughed over 100 longtime employees. Our normally buzzing plant went eerily silent.

Probably like you, we learned that masks were in short supply first on the evening news. That hospitals were rationing and requiring nurses to reuse them. Like other “trouble-shooting” minded folks, our engineering team put its mind to figuring out if and how they could reconfigure a machine that to this point had been made and only used to create socks and if they could somehow knit masks of the quality TH Mills had become known for. 

The R&D team went to work in earnest on April 1st though the nature of the moment had them thinking about the idea days earlier as the mask shortage story turned out to be real. After solving lots of problems and “dialing in the machines” as we say in the knitting industry, production of the first Face Tek mask began on Monday April 13th

About TH Mills

Goal: Helping You Do More of What You Love

For those who have never heard of TH Mills, it’s a company with a rich past, focused on creating an even more promising future for the consumers we serve. Our foundation is a deep desire to help people do more of what they love (where “more” simply means faster, longer, more often or pain and blister free). Our primary “barometer” for how effective we’re doing our job is the product reviews we receive from our customers. They tell us whether we are having the kind of positive impact we strive for, or when we need to make adjustments in products or in our service.

Difference Maker: Textile Specialists

We specialize and bring innovation to textiles. High quality is a given. And we have a bent toward continuous improvement. The Face Tek mask is a good example. Here are some others…

We were the first to knit padding/cushioning in socks.

We were the first to study the biomechanics of running and to create the first ‘running specific’ sock that buffers and cushions the impact and friction forces placed on the foot when we run.

We created proprietary yarns that wick moisture like a sponge and maintain their resiliency (comfort and springiness) all day long.

We created socks and knit for over 30 activities and a number of well-known brands based on the specific protection needs of the foot during those activities.

Future: More Innovation Equals Better Performance

What’s next? On the product side, we are experimenting with new fiber technologies that better transfer foot movement to the shoe and ground. The result will be quicker change in direction and faster movement in competitive play. We are also involved in integrating the digital world with our socks. We intend to be a leading innovator in the area of smart socks that will give the wearer valuable if not life-saving types of feedback. These and other innovations will be in the market soon.

Our Commitment: Made In The USA 

All our products are made in the USA.

We exceed all EPA manufacturing requirements resulting in a “truly green” product.

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Face Tek™ made by TH Mills

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